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Model Question Paper for MCA sem4

Dear Students Good Evening !!

The model question paper for Software Engg. is as follows.

Paper code: BM4                                              

Sub: Software Enggineering                        


Answer any of the 6 questions from 12 following questions. Questions  carry 25 marks each:

  1. (a) Define the meaning of software quality and detail the factor which affects the quality not productivity of a software product. 8          (b) Give the details of quality parameters which are used in a software system. 8                                                                                (c)What are the goals of test case planning. What are the format of test cases.9

2.(a)   Explain the various types of models which used in software Engineering with the diagrams. 10                                        (b) Write short note on Software failure, Black box testing, White box testing, Alpha testing, Beta testing and Stress Testing.10

(c ) Mention various phases of classical Lifecycle models.5

3. (a) Draw the schematic diagram to represent RAD model in software development life cycle.8                                                    (b)What are the different levels of SEI CMM(Software Enggineering Institute of Capability Maturity Model) Model? Explain in detail.10 

(c) Explain inception in detail.4Compare the characteristics of software to hardware.3

4.(a) What is the importance of process models in software development? List out and explain the parameters to choose the appropriate process models for a software project. (12.5)

(b)Define cohesion. What is functional cohesion? Does functional cohesion within a module bring about good software design? Give an example. What type of coupling and cohesion among modules is preferred for good quality software? (12.5)

5.Write short notes on any 2 of the following.        (12.5X2=25)

  1. Software agents
  2. Design patterns
  3. Program complexity and its significance
  4. Version control and change control in the context of software configuration management

6.(a) What do you mean by software quality assurance?What are the seven major activities    of software quality assurance.10

(b)Identify some problems associated with the implementation         of successful quality assurance plan in a software development organization.6

(c)Define Software quality. What are the different metrics of software quality? Discuss in brief. 9

7.(a)What is coupling ? Which form of coupling among software modules is the best? What are the various forms of coupling? Explain.8

(b)Bring out clearly the features of a good SRS document.What are the techniques to ensure quality of an SRS Document.10

(c) Explain the Design phase of Classical Lifecycle Model. 7

8.(a)Discuss the contents of a requirement specification document. Differentiate between functional and non functional requirements.10

(b)What is requirement analysis? What are some fact finding techniques useful in the context of requirement analysis? 8

(c ) What are the characteristics of good User Interface design.7


     9.Write short notes on following terms: (5X5=25)

  1. Architectural Design
  2. Types of Information System
  3. Software Maintenance         
  4. Re-Engineering
  5. Legacy systems


10(a)Define Software Design ? Explain all sort of design in detail.10

(b)List the steps involved in software configuration Management. Explain them.10

(c ) What are CASE tools .Discuss modeling.What is the role of CASE tools.5

11.(a) Explain Project Planning and scheduling.10

(b)What do you understand by a metaphor in a user Interface Design.Is a metaphor based user interface design advantageous?Justify 6

(c )Write a note on Project Estimation. 9

12. Explain  difference between following terms: (5X5=25)

(a) Requirement based testing and Acceptance based testing

(b) Code walkthrough and code Inspection

(c ) Spiral model and Incremental model

( d) Reverse engineering and Re-engineering

(e ) Verification and Validation

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