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Special paper Cell and Molecular Genetics


E-Book is attached which can be accessed by CLICKING  the following LINK. f This is the most essential book even for pereparation for NET examination and for getting answers of the following suggested questions for comming end semester examination-2020



Special paper: C & M Genetics

Group A

1. Describe the process of gel electrophoresis of DNA material.

2. Write short article on different cloning vectors. Describe the basic principles of molecular cloning of DNA in Bacteria.

3. Describe the procedure of Genomic / cDNA library construction.

4. What are the composition of PCR mix and mention the functions of each constituent? Describe the process of DNA sequencing using PCR (Sanger Method).

5. Describe the identification process of DNA protein interaction by any two of the following techniques: a) Gel mobility shift assay, b) Chromatin immunoprecipitation, c) DNA Foot printing.

6. Describe DNA fingerprinting technique.

Group B

1. Describe a method of creating a knock out mouse. What information can a knock out provide?

2. Explain the principal of site directed mutagenesis. Describe a method to carry out this process.

3. What is RNAi? How this is utilized in specific gene silencing to combat a disease?

4. What is Genechip experiment? Describe this DNA microarray technique to show differential transcription of genes from two different organs.

5. What are the major steps involved in recombinant Insulin production? Describe the process of monoclonal antibody production

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