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Paper: CC10


M.Sc. Zoology, Sem IV, Final Exam Model questions, 2020, Paper - CC10

Group B

1. Describe the process of genomic DNA / RNA isolation from Eukaryotic cells. Mention the differences of one and two dimensional gel electrophoresis.

2. With examples explain the control of gene expressions in prokaryotes.Write the overall processes involved in RFLP.

3. How genomic library of an organism is prepared? What are the advantages of using BAC or YAC over plasmid or cosmid vectors?

4. Explain in details the molecular cloning of DNA.

5. Explain any one of DNA sequencing methods.

Books to be consulted: Any Molecular biology Book for Group B questions or click to the following link for Molecular Biology by Robert F Weaver 5th edition.

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