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The programme fulfils specified needs of middle-level administrators in hospital or healthcare departments. This comprehensive programme will provide a professional qualification and an insight in managerial functional for those graduates who wish to take up hospital and health administration as a career. It will also be of immediate benefit to those currently engaged in hospital administration at senior level.


1.     To train Medical and Non-Medical Graduates in the speciality of the Hospital Administration to meet the growing demand of Hospital Administrators at the middle level of Management

2.     Provide Knowledge about Planning and organising Hospital and Health Care Organisation/Services/ Activities.

3.     To provide adequate knowledge of various aspects of the organisation like Human, Financial, Commercial, Strategy, Marketing, Quality, Materials and Equipment, Information etc.

4.      To provide a Theoretical base of Management of Health Organisations.


1.      In view of acute scarcity of Trained Professional Managers an Administrators to manage Medical and Health services efficiently and effectively, create a pool of trained manpower that will enable the State and Country to meet the challenges of providing quality Healthcare to the People of India at cost affordable to the People and the Country.

2.     Provide opportunity of acquiring in-depth knowledge of Management of Hospitals and other Health Care Institutions to the individuals working in Hospitals and other Health Care Organisations and those seeking career in Health Care field so to provide them with greater career opportunities.

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